As the baby grows and reaches the preschool age, parents often take it for granted that just because they are now happy exploring new things and exerting their new-found freedom they will be less needy and hence, less of trouble.

But pre-school kids, without doubt, prove them wrong by testing the patience of their parents to the limit by being whiny and fussy. In such a situation it is necessary to maintain one’s cool in order to handle such kids.

Temper tantrum by a toddler is natural. But parents usually have a hard time in coping with it. Given below are some of the ways in which the parents can maintain their cool around their preschooler:-

The most common way is to find out the root cause behind the whining behavior of the kid and address it. Many children resort to irritability or whining because they are hungry or need to go outdoors. In such cases, instead of lashing back at them, if the parent meets their need, the situation can become better in no time.

Often parents tend to pay less attention to their toddlers as they assume that the toddler is busy enough to entertain itself. This is not the case. It has been seen that more often than not the reason behind their fussiness is a craving for attention. So parents should make sure they give enough attention to their kid in the form of talking or cuddling so that both of them can be at peace.

Whenever the toddler starts whining when the parent is busy, it is a good idea to keep the toddler busy with some toys. Or say if the parent has gone shopping, the toddler can be moved around in those shopping carts and given small rewards like sweets of little gifts for not throwing a fit.

At times the urge to scream back at the screaming toddler may be too hard to resist. In such cases, the parent can try to distract themselves by going away from the spot for the moment or putting on some good music that will keep their mind occupied.

It is not uncommon to lose cool when the toddler smashes some of the chosen pieces of china or a favorite vase in the house. For such matters, it is better to prepare beforehand and keep such things out of the child’s reach. That will save both the object and the temper of the parent.

A change of scenery often benefits both the mother and the child who is going through fits of a bad mood. Whenever situations seem to get out of hand, going out for a drive or a walk in the nearby park can work wonders. That way, the toddler will have new things to explore and will be occupied and the parent’s sanity will be intact.

Lastly, the most common and effective way to maintain one’s cool is to get a good sleep. Lack of sleep simply makes a person more irritable and hence, more vulnerable to the child’s tantrums. A good sleep can go a long way in maintaining one’s composure even around a toddler screaming its lungs out.