Seven years old is a turning point when it comes to buying toys for boys. Though your son officially graduates from “toddler” to “kid” at the age of six, maturity-wise, most truly begin to embrace this new stage of life at the age of seven, making finding toys for 7 year old boys a fun adventure for parents.

While you may be somewhat daunted by the plethora of options available in stores and online, buying toys for 7 year old boys doesn’t have to be a challenge. Start by asking yourself, “What activities does my son enjoy?” At 7, your son will have begun developing preferences and hobbies, so using this question to guide your search for toys for 7 year old boys should narrow your search considerably.

When it comes to toys for 7 year old boys, there are four main categories of toys boys tend to enjoy. Those are toys that involve some form of building or constructing, sports-related toys, toys that allow for movement, and electronic toys. We’ve looked into a number of toys that fall into these categories and have evaluated them to help you find the perfect toy for your 7 year old boy.

Note: When curating these examples, we kept in mind that most seven year old boys grow quickly, so when applicable, we’ll be suggesting toys for seven year old boys that can be adjusted to accommodate new height (for example: adjustable handlebars on a scooter).

We also recognize that every boy grows differently when it comes to learning capacity. Some of the toys on this list may seem too advanced or too young for your son. You know your child best, so use your knowledge of him to guide you towards toys that are cognitively appropriate for him.

Top 10 Toys for Seven Year Old Boys

Construction/Building Toys for Seven Year Old Boys


LEGO City Police Station

It’s time to put away Duplo blocks and to start investing in “grown-up” Lego sets. Your 7 year old son is now old enough to know better than to put the little pieces in his mouth and can follow the printed directions included to complete a set. When looking for a first set to get your son, consider buying one that revolves around a career interest, like the Lego City Police Station.

One of the nice things about Lego sets, in general, is how well they stimulate young boy’s imaginations. Though most boys will baulk at the thought of “playing pretend with dolls”, Legos get a pass from the majority, and you’ll find that once he’s built the set, your son will probably enjoy spending hours moving the characters around, enacting police procedurals and jailbreaks.

Additionally, because Lego pieces are standardized, after buying several sets, you’ll find them getting mixed together as your son mixes and matches elements from different sets to create his own world of scenes and locations. When it comes to exciting toys for 7 year old boys, it’s hard to beat Lego.

K’NEX 70 Model Building Set

For boys who are more advanced when it comes to the technical aspects of building, or have a strong interest in science and engineering, 7 is a great age to start introducing model kits.

While most of us are familiar with old-school wooden airplane kits, things have grown more sophisticated over the last decade. Now it’s possible to buy modeling toys for 7 year old boys that include movement, robotics, and other cool features. Take the K’NEX 70 Model Building Set, for example.

With 705 interchangeable parts, there is no end to the designs your son can make, and while some can be stationary, the parts allow for working, moving parts as well. This set is simple enough for your son to experiment with the fundamentals of structure and engineering, but allows for more complexity as he gains experience.

Sports and Balls for Seven Year Old Boys

At seven, any interest your son may have had for sports really takes off as he begins participating in organized sports.

Even if he doesn’t join a little league team, he may still enjoy spending time either solo, or with friends tossing a ball around and practicing the moves he’s seen his athletic heroes execute on the court or field.

If your son falls into these categories, great toys for 7 year old boys include balls or accessories that encourage sports exploration.

Step2 Shootin' Hoops Pro Basketball Set

A good start for any basketball aficionado is an adjustable basketball hoop.

This hoop from Step2 is freestanding (the base should be weighed down with either sand or water), and can be adjusted to your son’s height range so he can practice with a hoop that is appropriate to scale.

The set can be placed in your driveway and can be used solo by a boy who wants to work on his shooting, or with others for a seven year old pick-up game.

Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor Hockey/Soccer Goal

Another great sports accessory, a hockey or soccer goal is great for the seven year old who loves to run.

The best thing about hockey and soccer nets is that they actively invite participation and encourage interaction.

So whether you and your son practice blocking goals one-on-one or he invites the neighborhood kids over for a game of hockey, your seven year old will be not only honing his motor skills and exercising, he’ll be learning social skills at the same time!

28-Inch Tactile Sensory Ball with Bumps

Not every boy is into sports, but that doesn’t mean your son won’t enjoy a ball or two added to his collection of toys for seven year old boys.

Take this 28-Inch Tactile Sensory Ball, for example. This ball provides hours of fun for boys who like to roll, ride and sit on its bumpy, bouncy bulk.

As a parent, there’s the added benefit that this ball actively develops your son’s balance and core muscles, and enhances their attention spans and sensory perception. A win in the toys for seven year old boys category!

Toys for 7 Year Old Boys that Provide Movement on Wheels

Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

Seven is just the right age to get one’s first real bike. Your seven year old is generally tall enough to reach the pedals and coordinated enough to stay keep his seat.

When looking for an official bicycle to buy your seven year old, look for one that has easy to remove training wheels. Most seven-year-olds need training wheels to start with, but you’ll be surprised how quickly he advances past them.

Also, make sure the seat is adjustable so you can raise it as your son grows. Finally, as you should when purchasing any bike or wheeled conveyance for your child, make sure you have the appropriate safety gear: helmet, knee and elbow pads. Falling is a part of the learning process, but you want to ensure your son is protected as he takes his spills.

Radio Flyer Color FX EZ Glider 3 Wheel Scooter

In recent years, scooters have inched their way to equal prominence next to bikes as a favorite means of transportation for seven year olds.

There are hundreds available in stores and online today, so choosing one might feel daunting. When picking a scooter for a seven year old, bear in mind a few things.

First, your son needs to be able to lift the scooter himself. So look carefully at the weight of the scooter.

Second, remember that your son is just starting out. Chances are his balance is not yet perfect. So, just like in choosing a bike, consider getting a scooter with “training wheels” first: a three-wheeled scooter that helps stabilize the rider.

Third, make sure the handlebar is an adjustable one so that it can be fitted to comfortably accommodate your son’s height.

EzyRoller Classic Ride On

For the 7 year old boys who already have their own bikes or scooters, but who love trying out any type of wheels, check into more unconventional modes of transportation, like the Ezy Roller Ride On.

These bike challenges riders to use their full bodies to move and steer and can grow with your child so you’re guaranteed years of fun.

You’ll still want to make sure your son has a helmet and other safety gear, of course, so make sure you have a helmet and the rest on hand. Otherwise, just sit back and have fun!

Electronic Toys for 7 Year Old Boys

You may be rightfully wary of giving an expensive electronic toy to a toddler who lacks the responsibility and motor skills to both uses and takes care of it.

However, at seven, most children have reached a point where they take pride in their possessions and understand the value of an expensive gift. This is the perfect age to begin introducing electronic gadgets and toys, albeit age-appropriate ones.

A good strategy is to buy a smaller electronic toy to start with to see how well your son handles the piece. If he proves he can take care of it properly, you can then graduate to more complex or expensive ones.

VTech Kidizoom Dx Smartwatch

To start with, you may not want to get your son a smartphone, tablet or laptop. However, a kid’s smartwatch may be a good compromise if your son is asking for any of the above.

This watch has a touch screen, several downloaded games and some useful applications like a stopwatch and calculator.

It also can upload and download pictures and other features using a USB cable. This watch is well worth investigating if your child is interested in having “smart technology”.

Remote Control Robot Toy

Once upon a time the words “remote control” conjured up either a television remote or a toy car.

Today, you can get almost any toy in “remote”, especially in the range of toys for 7 year old boys.

7 year old boys will have a blast controlling the movements, speed and other features found in these electronic toys.

In this featured Robot Toy, your child can make the robot shoot lasers, walk and dance, and can challenge friends’ robots to duels.

And that wraps up our top 10 toys for 7 year old boys. Don’t be limited by it though: using these four categories of toys–building sets, sports, wheels, and electronics–you should be able to find the perfect toy for your son to play with!