Pregnancy dos and donts is something that every pregnant woman should know. Preparing for pregnancy is essential to ensure that you have a healthy baby. In addition, to change in lifestyle, there are many dos and don ts of pregnancy that you need to be aware of.

The preparation for pregnancy should ideally start before conceiving so that both the mother and the child are safe and healthy at the end of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Dos And Donts

Now, let us get straight to the dos and donts of pregnancy:

The first step is discussing the pregnancy plans with the doctor and find out if there are any health problems or hereditary diseases that the child may get and how to prevent it.

You should find out your normal weight as per BMI and try to maintain it through exercising and the good diet.

It’s good to start eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. The nutritious diet will ensure that your body is ready for pregnancy and will help in avoiding complications due to malnutrition.

Start avoiding cigarettes, alcohol & drugs as these will hamper a healthy pregnancy and can affect the fetus too.

It’s good to make a list of all the prescription drugs that you are taking in order to know what you need to avoid during pregnancy.

Be prepared emotionally. Pregnancy is a time when you will encounter a lot of mood swings. Discussing things with your partner will provide you the emotional support and will help you be emotionally prepared for pregnancy.

Pregnancy Dos And Donts – Post Conceiving

The more you worry about the do and don’t of pregnancy, the more stressed you’ll get. The ground rule is to ensure that you stick to the basics, eat healthily and exercise regularly.

Things to do:

Pregnant women should follow a healthy diet. A proper and balanced nutrition is necessary for both the mother and the baby. The diet containing lots of fruits and vegetables, food rich in proteins, fiber, calcium, folic acid, vitamins and a small percentage of fatty foods helps in ensuring that the baby is healthy.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is natural, however, the weight gain should not be excessive. Indulge in light exercising to maintain fitness.

Regular check-ups are a must during pregnancy in order to avoid complications. Make sure not to miss appointments even if you are in the early stages of pregnancy.

Kegal exercises help the pelvic floor muscles to relax and is helpful during the labor-process. Include kegel exercises in your workout routine.

Try to be in a positive frame of mind and do not let negative thought overcome your emotions.

Things to avoid during pregnancy:

During pregnancy, smoking, alcohol, and drugs should be avoided since these hamper the development of the fetus.

Excessive intake of caffeine is not good too. In addition, you should also avoid junk food.

Fish, especially the ones with mercury should be avoided. Same goes for raw meat.

Avoid taking too much of vitamin A supplements as it increases the risk of birth defects in the baby.

Saunas, hot tubs, water beds or any similar activity which can raise the body temperature of the mother beyond 103 degrees F should be avoided.

Avoid stress and try to be relaxed during pregnancy. This is because emotional health of the mother affects the baby too.