Kids beds buying guide to find the perfect bed for your kid. It is a big step when your child graduates from their crib to a regular bed. Different kids will react differently to this change; some will be excited and proud of the fact that they are growing up, while others will be scared or miss the protection of their crib. Consider the style, color, and design of your kids bed, in order to make the change as comfortable and fun as possible.

Kids beds buying guide – What you need to know

There are multiple varieties of kids beds available to choose from. Most often, initial kid bed will be twin sized. It will feature the following basic components: A frame or stand in or on which the mattress will be housed, the mattress itself, a sheets set, pillows, and a comforter or duvet. By carefully considering all of these individual components, you will be ensuring that your child will love their bed, and that it will last for years to come.

The most popular styles of bed frame for children include bunk beds and kids beds. The former are appropriate if you have two children who are within a few years apart in age, who share a bedroom. Even if you only have one child, bunk beds can be a fun option, allowing the child to choose whether to sleep on the top or bottom bunk, and facilitating sleepovers with friends. kids beds are convenient pieces of furniture that combine a bed frame with storage drawers underneath. Particularly useful in homes or rooms with limited space, kids bed drawers can be used to store a child’s clothing, toys, or games, depending upon the layout and furniture content of the room.

Another useful component that you may wish to consider when selecting the right bed frame is whether or not to include a headboard. Multiple styles of headboards are available, including traditional looks and themed looks such as kids graphics. For more space-saving options, consider a headboard that doubles as one or more shelves. These shelves may house books and bedtime stories, and even a lamp. Once you have selected a frame and a mattress, the next step will be choosing the style of kids bed sheets and comforter.

Choosing the right sheets for a kids bed is important, and can help to shape the way they view their bedroom and the task of going to sleep on time. Popular graphics to include on bed sheets include cars, trucks, hearts, or flowers. If your child is old enough, consider letting them help to pick out the sheets and comforter set with you, giving them a sense of responsibility and achievement in having been part of the decision making process.

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