Kid bed frames and what you should know! A common mistake in buying beds is that people only decide on the mattress, disregarding that they are also going to pay for the bed frame.

In these times when not everyone can afford to make mistakes, especially in buying furniture such as kid bed frames, it would be handy if one stops to think before clicking on a buy now button.

Kid Bed Frames – Guide

You must have noticed the wide array of choices when it comes to beds – there are bunk beds, water beds, captain’s bed frames, and platform beds; not to mention the varying sized beds come in such as king-size, queen-size, twin or full-size. Options are narrowed down when you are looking for kids bed though. Here are a few things you must think about before making a purchase.

Kid bed frames – Features

If you are a space-saving buff you might want one that has a storage area. A captain bed – that with a couple of drawers underneath is also a good idea. Children are also fond of sleepovers so you might want a bed frame where an additional mattress can be unlatched or pulled-out, for their guests.

Kid bed frames – Lifespan

You need to figure out how important it is for you for the bed to last long. You can never go wrong with durable bed frames. However, when lifespan is the issue, we are not just talking about durability. You might be tempted to buy an insanely cute bed frame but what if your child quickly outgrows it, would you be willing to buy another one?

Another thing to consider is the size, as well as the style. Do you intend to buy new kid bed frames when your child hits the teenage years? If the answer is yes, you definitely have to go for the more durable models. There are some that can be bought at a high price but you can get mass-produced modern bed frames for a relatively low price.

Kid bed frames – Material

Kid bed frames, just like any other bed frames, are manufactured using different materials – particle boards, metal frames, steel frames and wooden frames.

Particle boards are very cheap and made of light material. They can be used for really young children but as they aren’t very sturdy, they might not be good for very active children.

Metal frames and steel frames are very durable. They can withstand more weight and they are ideal for people who want the modern look. Most metal bed frames are on wheels so they couldn’t be as high as other beds, although for children, you might not want the bed to be too high.

Wood frames are relatively expensive. Nothing really beats hardwood ones with an excellent finish. They can be very stylish though and would fit in any decorating scheme – modern, retro, country or colonial. They are also durable.

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