In this article, we will try to explain some simple tactics on how to develop kids smartness. Tactlessness in their children is the nightmare of every parent. There hasn’t been a single parent who was never publicly embarrassed due to their child’s blunt honesty and severe lack of tact.

Such behavior in children may often come across as funny, especially in the younger days, but nevertheless, it should not be left to itself. Teaching the child tact and manners is the best thing a parent can do for their child.

How to Develop Kids Smartness – 4 Simple Tips 

In case of toddlers, parents should keep in mind their limitations. In toddlers, the sense of rationality is not yet developed. They have quick impulses and it is not possible to be forewarned about them. Fortunately, most people are tolerant with toddlers; hence, parents won’t really have a hard time.

The most difficult to manage age group are the preschoolers and elementary school children. These children have developed a sense of rationality but they don’t yet know how to put it to good use. The main reason for tactlessness in these children is that unlike the adults they cannot differentiate between public and private life thereby leading to many unintended and disastrous comments in public.

Prepare the child – before going out; it is important to prepare the child regarding the decorum to be followed on that occasion. Letting them know what will happen there and what kind of behavior is expected of them is very helpful. Also let the child know that, in case they have any questions, it would be proper to whisper it in their parent’s ears rather than blurting it out loudly. That way the child will be more prepared and the parent will be at less risk of being embarrassed.

Role-playing – Children tend to follow actions more than words. Parents can start acting as an effective role- model. When the children witness their parents exhibiting well-mannered ways, they often tend to mirror that behavior. Also, the parents may create a mock situation at home with, say, their children toys having a conversation with each other. This is a fun way of showing the child the means of a tactful behavior.

Allow the child to let off steam – preschoolers are typically a bundle of energy. It is very difficult for them to stay quiet for a length of time. If the occasion to be attended is one that demands considerable stretches of silence, it is advisable to allow the child to blow off some steam beforehand. Let them run around for a while, shouting and screaming. This would make it easier for them to stay quiet later.

Rewarding – when the child exhibits good behavior, rewarding them may encourage them to continue such habit. Though care should be taken that constant rewarding doesn’t come across as bribing as that might put negative ideas in the child’s mind.

In case of teens, talking directly is the only way to go. Adolescents have ample sense of rationality and understanding. Hence, when bad behavior is witnessed from them, it should be promptly confronted.

They should be made to understand how their bad behavior can make their parents embarrassed or hurt. Whatever be the ways, teaching tact to a child is very important. It prepares the child for the world and helps them to be a better person.