How to deal with a clingy toddler? Almost every parent has to deal with clingy toddlers. Some toddlers will seem to be clingier than other kids that’s when it becomes difficult for the parents to cope with.

The first step of coping with a clingy toddler is to understand the reason behind it. Annoying or embarrassing you by being clingy in public place would be the last thing on your mind. A child might cling on to you if it fears something.

The child is taking its first steps toward being an individual and the experience is overwhelming for them to deal with alone. Separation anxiety is very common in toddlers and they tend to cling more when they find themselves in unknown surroundings or among strangers. They need to adjust themselves at their own speed.

How to Deal With the Clingy Toddler – Tips

GIVE THEM TIME – Cling on to you is a way of saying that the toddler is not ready for the new experiences. Hence, to deal with that, parents should give more time to get adjusted to the new surroundings. Forcing the child just makes the matters worse.

KEEP THEM OCCUPIED – If a child clings when at home, the reason is usually boredom. In such cases, it is effective if one can keep the baby occupied with something. If the mother is, say, cooking then she can allow the toddler to play with plastic cups and saucers. The more focused the child is on something, the less will it think of clinging.

BE PATIENT WITH THEM – Granted, that a clingy child proves to be very annoying at times. Parents should spend the time to take their kids out to the nearest park so that the child could interact and play with other kids and get socialized, which in turn will help the toddler to regain confidence.

CUDDLE AND HUG THEM – At times, all the toddler needs is the reassurance from their parents that they will always be there to help them out. Hence, if the toddler starts getting too clingy, hugging and cuddling them reassure them of your love. Once reassured, they’ll soon want to wiggle out of your grasp in search of new experiences.

CONSIDER OTHER FACTORS – Apart from separation anxiety, at times many other factors make the child clingy. The child may have a shy and introverted temperament. Also, the child may be feeling sick or tired. In such cases, the parents need to respond with much understanding and care.But at times, the toddler may keep on clinging and no amount of reassurance may help. If something seems to be truly wrong, it is better to consult the doctor.