Today we decided to write about gifts for 9 year old boys and give you some good ideas!

Congratulations! At nine, your boy has officially entered the ‘tween’ stage of development. He has a growing awareness of the world and himself and is beginning to develop his identity.

Though it might seem challenging to shop for a boy who suddenly has opinions about everything, it is not impossible. Here are ten ideas that should help you find the perfect gifts for 9 year old boys.

Here are Top 10 Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys:

1. Spy Gear

9-year-old boys are curious about life and what’s going on around them. Help them out a little with cool spy gadgets like Rearview Spy Glasses or the Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch from Wild Planet.

They will also love devices such as the Spy Gear Ultra Range Walkie Talkie that allows them to carry out missions with their friends. When it comes to gifts for 9-year-old boys, you can’t go wrong with undercover products!


2. Science Kits

At this stage, 9-year-old boys are starting to explore the world around them, and science kits are great ways to encourage this exploration!

You’ll earn extra points for sets like the National Geographic Slime DIY Lab and others like it which lead a budding mad scientist through the steps of making good, putty and other slimy creations.


3. Wheels

In the spirit of exploration, look into buying 9-year-old boys a new set of wheels. By this point, most have lost their training wheels and are ready to try cooler, less conventional modes of independent travel.

With an endless supply of options, Ripstiks is a popular choice for this age range. And for the boy who already has everything, consider ordering some cool accessories, like the Krash Vector Victor Helmet.


4. Sports Gear

Part of the tween identity is largely built on group identity, and there’s no stronger group identity than sports teams. Whether your 9-year-old boy already participates in organized sports or just really likes his home team, chances are he already has the basics of ball and bat.

Now would be the perfect time to introduce more equipment, especially equipment which helps them develop their skills. A portable, adjustable basketball hoop system for your driveway is a good investment at this point, as is a Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Goal Set, and the perfect gift for 9 year old boys.


5. Building Sets

For those who would rather stay in than go out, building sets like the Lakeshore Build-it-Yourself Woodworking KIt are a fun gift for 9 year old boys. You can buy kits that allow for free play and imagination, or more structured sets like the Wooden Biting T-REx Dinosaur 3D PUzzle from Robotime.


6. Lego Sets

toys for 9 year old boysTechnically Lego sets fall under the general category of building sets. However, its sheer variety and popularity put Lego in a league of its own. There’s something for every 9 year old boy when it comes to these colorful blocks.

There are the Lego Speed Champions car sets, Ninjago sets, pirate ships, spaceships, wizarding sets and more. With endless combinations, the possibilities are limitless with Lego sets.

If you’re not sure which to get, go with the Classic Builder’s Box. With an assortment of 500 pieces, the Builder’s Box should keep 9 year olds occupied for at least a few days!


7. Magic Sets

Why mess with a classic? 9 year old boys have always loved magic, and today there are hundreds of options when it comes to opening the world of illusion to them. An excellent place to start is with a book kit, like the Klutz Prankster Magic Craft Kit.

Book kits help newbies learn the basics by taking them step-by-step through new tricks. Another option is a full magic set that includes trick decks and other props so that your 9 year old is show-ready in no time.

Consider Jim Stott’s ‘Ultimate Magic Kit’. Not only does this set provide the basic tools of the trade, but it also has a link to a secret magic website containing further instructions and video tutorials for hundreds of magic tricks.


8. Tech

At 9, boys are now responsible enough to take care of more expensive gifts, and technology definitely falls into that category. Nintendo 3DS is a popular choice today and can be purchased in many colors.

If your 9 years old already has a gaming system, pick out a few games, and they should be over the moon. Tech gifts for 9 year old boys can also include accessories like BestGot Wired Headphones if your boy already has devices or if you want to keep within a budget.


9. Shoes

Around this time, children start beginning to grow in more ways than one. You may have noticed your 9-year old’s feet expanding overnight. So sneakers are winning gifts for 9 year old boys.

Nike Kids’ Downshifter Running shoes or Champion Boys’ Gusto Cross Trainers are good picks, and with shoes coming in all colors and designs, you should be able to choose something that matches your boy’s personality and tastes.


10. Gift Cards

One of the hallmarks of tweens is their nascent independence. Looking at this list, it could be you’re still not sure what gift to get your 9 year old boy. Have no fear–the boy himself probably knows exactly what he wants!

Giving him a gift card to Amazon or to another favorite store will show him that you respect his ability to make choices and will ensure that no matter what he chooses, you chose right.


We hope that these gift ideas for 9 year old boys will help you to make a decision what you will buy for your kid.