Be it for a birthday, holiday or just because, buying gifts is usually a tricky proposition, especially if you’re buying gifts for 7 year old girls. Any person you buy a present for will have their own ideas of what the perfect gift is, and this is never truer than when purchasing a gift for a child.

Many adults find it difficult to assess what is age appropriate for a given child, especially as fads come and go with frequency. Our goal here at Kids Trends is to help you navigate with ease and calm the potential minefield children can present. In that vein, today we’ll focus on finding the perfect gifts for 7 year old girls.

Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls – How to Find the Perfect Gift

Seven is both a great and terrible age to buy gifts for. At seven, most children have matured past toddlerhood and have begun developing individual identities. On the one hand, this could make buying more straightforward, as you just need to know what interests or hobbies the seven-year-old in question have picked up. On the other hand, seven-year-olds can potentially be pickier and more sensitive to trends than other kids.

When it comes to buying gifts for 7 year old girls, first ask yourself, “What is this girl’s main area of interest?” Then ask yourself, “What are the current trends surrounding this area of interest?” If the seven-year-old you’re buying for is currently obsessed with horses and there’s a new plush doll craze going on, look into buying a plush horse from that company.

When buying gifts for 7 year old girls, also consider the tried and true classics. Though it may seem cliche to buy a little girl an American Girl Doll, there’s a reason why this brand has enjoyed consistent success for years.

Additionally, while you may still see a seven-year-old girl as immature and very young, developmentally, seven-year-olds are at a stage when they are rapidly progressing in language, motor, and social skills.

Though many toy stores will lump seven-year-old products together with ages five and six, truthfully, seven-year-olds are often ready to attempt the same toys sold to eight and nine-year-olds. When shopping for gifts for 7 year old girls, think about the girl in question and decide whether or not the gift in question will be too babyish or too advanced for her as an individual.

Finally, it’s important to know that over the last few decades stores and companies have increased gender marketing. Toys and games that are available to boys may not be available in “girl versions” and vice versa. Or they may not show up in a search if you merely put in “gifts for 7 year old girls”.

While many little girls will prefer ‘girly’ products that come in bright pinks and purples, others would rather the blue and orange version available to their brothers. If you consider the girl in question and choose a gift that corresponds to her personal taste, you’ll find you’ll be much more successful in your gift giving.

With these guidelines in mind, here are seven suggested gifts to help give you some ideas of where to start when looking for toys and games that make excellent gifts for 7 year old girls.

7 Suggested Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

ALEX Toys Craft Ultimate Hip Hoop Knitting

Interest: Yarn Crafts

Trend: This is a classic that never goes out of style!

Why We Suggest This Gift:

Crafts make great gifts for girls of all ages, and at seven many girls begin taking an interest in yarn-related hobbies such as knitting, lanyard bracelet-making and hooking rugs. For a girl who’s never crafted before, but is interested in learning, hoop knitting is an excellent first choice.

It’s easy to learn and doesn’t require as much dexterity or attention to small details as other yarn crafts. Without much effort, girls hoop knitting pick up many of the fundamentals of proper knitting and crocheting, making this also a great gateway gift that could lead to a lifetime of entertainment.

This ALEX set recommended here is notable in that it’s a one-stop shopping kit, complete with all the pieces a seven year old would need to get started, including two different sized hoop looms, colorful yarn, a hook, and instructions. A great addition to your shopping list of gifts for 7 year old girls!

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Artall 23 Inch Handcrafted Solid Wood Concert Ukulele, Small Sapele Guitar Beginner Pack with Carrying Bag & Accessories, Natural

Interest: Music

Trend: Ukulele

Why We Suggest This Gift:

At seven, most children begin picking up the fundamentals of rhythm. You’ll notice that at seven kids start clapping on the beat and most can sing relatively on tune. This makes seven the perfect age to begin learning an instrument!

If the child you’re buying a gift for is interested in music, finding appropriately sized instruments, like this Ukulele, are a boon. If the seven year old in question already has an instrument, paying for lessons or accessories (like a monogrammed carrying case), are also nice gifts for 7 year old girls.

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American Girl Mixed Media Art Journal Set

Interest: Journaling/Art

Trend: American Girl Dolls

Why We Suggest This Gift:

As mentioned above, a lot goes on developmentally when a child hits seven. Seven year olds are generally in second or third grade, and at this point have begun mastering many language skills, particularly writing. At this age, many girls begin keeping diaries for the first time.

A classic for girls throughout the centuries, diaries promote further language and emotional development. This particular journal set provides even more fun by facilitating numerous other forms of expression, with paints, stickers, and other activities, so even those who don’t have anything to write about their days can still have fun being creative.

If you think traditional diaries are a better fit for the girl you’re buying for, look for diaries that have locks and interesting covers, as these generally appeal more to girls at this age.

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LEGO Friends Heartlake Hospital 41318 Building Kit (8seven1 Piece)

Interest: Building

Trend: Lego

Why We Suggest This Gift:

Legos have been a popular item on lists of gifts for 7 year old girls for a long time. At seven, girls are dexterous enough to manipulate smaller Lego blocks and are responsible enough not to put them in their mouths.

This makes seven the perfect age to introduce Lego sets. There are literally thousands of Lego sets available, leading children through the steps of building rocket ships, safari settings, and movie scenes.

For many years Legos were marketed primarily to boys, and girls played with them anyway. I have many fond memories of lazy afternoons building towering cities with multi-colored Lego Blocks, none of them pink or purple.

More recently, however, Lego has begun an aggressive marketing campaign focused on girls and to that end have developed several sets seven-year-old girls might like, like this hospital set.

These sets tend to include more white, pink and purple pieces, predominantly female Lego characters and tend to include words like “friends” and “friendship” in the title. While you shouldn’t confine your search for gifts for 7 year old girls to just gender specific Legos, these sets are selling well, indicating that girls do respond to them.

This could be because they positively depict women and girls doing exciting things, like flying helicopters and running hospitals. So if you know the seven year old you’re gifting to has an interest in Legos, it’s worth checking out these new sets.

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Roller Derby Girl’s Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate, White/Pink

Why We Suggest This Gift:

Interest: Skating

Trend: This is a classic that never goes out of style!

At seven, girls are ready to move from toddler trikes onto more “grown-up” modes of transportation. Bikes, scooters and other wheels make great gifts for 7 year old girls, but make sure that they’re still age appropriate.

Most kids this age will still need training wheels. In that vein, getting a girl her first pair of roller skates is a great gift idea. Roller skates are stable versions of rollerblades and can provide hours of outdoor fun for a kid. This pair from Roller Derby is especially great because it’s adjustable, making it a gift that lasts a little longer, especially if the girl hits a growth spurt.

If the child in question already has a pair of skates, think about getting her important roller skating accessories, like a cool helmet, knee guards or elbow pads.

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Hatchimals Glittering Garden – Hatching Egg and Interactive Sparkly Penguala by Spin Master

Interest: Animals

Trend: Hatchimals

Why We Suggest This Gift:

Around this age, most children go animal and pet crazy. However, for many reasons it’s impossible for parents to get the real deal for their children. Allergies, location and cost are all factors that make owning an animal impractical.

In these cases, interactive animal dolls make great gifts for 7 year old girls. Hatchimals have been popular for a while now because they give a child a full experience, as the child raises their “pet” from an egg. Because the toy will only “hatch” at the encouragement of their owner, children get both interactive and invested.

Once the animal is born, it continues to provide a pet experience as its owners are able to teach it how to walk, talk, dance and more! This particular model is of a penguin-like doll, but if the child you’re buying for prefers a different type of pet there are dozens of different ones available, including ones that look like giraffes, tigers or teddy bears. Some even come in twin form!

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Spin Master Perplexus Original Maze Game

Interest: Puzzles

Trend: Perplexus

Why We Suggest This Gift:

For the girl who loves problem-solving, Perplexus games make the perfect gifts for 7 year old girls. In these puzzles, children move a metal ball along several feet of track, all encased within a sealed plastic ball. Solving a Perplexus takes fine movements, patience, and perseverance, all skills a seven-year-old girl is developing.

The original Perplexus has about 22 feet of track inside and 100 challenges to overcome. Solving it once doesn’t guarantee a second time, so like a Rubix cube, children can spend days and weeks working on mastering the intricacies of the Perplexus.

If you know the girl already has a Perplexus, don’t let that stop you: find out if she likes hers, and then consider buying her another version, like the Perplexus Twist or Perplexus Epic, as each version brings its own challenges for her to overcome!

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Still not sure what gifts to get seven-year-old girls after reading this list? Remember that these suggestions are based on two questions: “what hobbies/interests does the seven-year-old I’m buying for have?” and “what trends currently cater to those hobbies/interests?”

Use those questions to guide you and you should be able to find more than enough gifts for 7 year old girls to last them until they’re eight!