Electric scooters for kids are more and more popular among our kids and that isn’t anything weird because we live in the 21st century and everything is related to electronics…

Though the concept of a scooter has been around for over a century, our ancestors would be hard pressed to identify the scooters of today.

Scooters began experiencing a resurgence of popularity as a kid’s toy in the last two decades and they’ve really taken off. Scooters have begun out performing bikes and skateboards as favorites of children between the ages of five and fifteen and with more children begging their parents for scooters all the time, parents are asking for help in finding the right scooter for their child.

This is a particularly important question when it comes to electric scooters for kids. A traditional, non-electric scooter poses certain difficulty in shopping, but overall parents will find it similar to shopping for a bike. However, when it comes to electric scooters for kids, parents rightly have many more concerns. Today, we’ll address those concerns by discussing the features a parent should look for when buying electric scooters for kids. Then, we’ll show you five electric scooters for kids to help get you started in your search for the perfect scooter for your little girl or boy.

Electric Scooters for Kids – Things you need to consider before buying


The first thing that comes to mind when a child asks for an electric scooter is safety. Safety is a concern that parents will have even for traditional bicycles and scooters, and that concern is only compounded when you add a motor to the mix.

When it comes to safety, the first thing a parent should think about is how old the child they’re buying a scooter for is. The younger the child, the greater the dangers could be.

Look carefully at the recommended age listed with a scooter and abide by the age recommendation; there ’s a reason for it. Also, carefully read any manufacturer safety directions or warnings. These can further inform you whether or not a particular brand is an age appropriate for your child.

No matter what scooter you buy for your child, another safety precaution you should take is to make sure your child has the proper equipment.

This includes a helmet that fits properly, knee and elbow pads and possibly gloves. While gloves aren’t considered as necessary as helmets and the others, with scooters there is a distinct possibility that if your child falls they will put out their hands to stop their descent and without gloves skinned palms or knuckles may happen at least a few times as your child learns how to ride his or her scooter.

Unlike a non-electric scooter that only goes as fast as your child or gravity propels it, electric scooters for kids can often reach speeds as high as 15 mph. To an adult who is used to 45 mph or higher when driving, 15 mph may not sound very fast.

But for a smaller human who’s not protected by the metal hull of a car, this speed can be frightening and dangerous. The younger your child, the slower you want the electric scooter you buy to be. So make sure to check the maximum speeds carefully before purchasing.

There are several different styles of electric scooters for kids available on the market today, and we’ll evaluate those styles soon. But first, let’s talk about weight.

Some electric scooters are made to be picked up and carried around when not being ridden. If you choose one of these scooters, make sure it’s light enough for your child to carry it without strain.

If it’s a scooter that is not meant to be carried, make sure it’s not so heavy that should it tip with them in the event of a spill it won’t hurt or crush them under its weight. Also, pay attention to the weight limit of the scooter – you want to make sure it can easily support your child’s weight.

Again, depending on style, a scooter may rely on your child to keep it balanced and upright. For an older child this shouldn’t have a problem, however if your child is younger or has difficulty with coordination, you’ll want to look at a scooter that self-balances to reduce falls and accidents.
Check to make sure the electric scooter you’re looking at doesn’t have any sharp edges or pieces poking out. These can scratch or poke your child during regular use or cause more damage during a fall. You want to find electric scooters for kids that are mostly smooth and are made of softer materials.

There are two main styles of electric scooters for kids, seated and standing. Standing scooters should be familiar to most parents who’ve seen traditional scooters before: a child balances on a board and holds onto stick handlebars.

Seated electric scooters look a little more like mopeds with seats at various heights. Children who are good at balancing should be fine with either, though younger children might do better with seated electric scooters.

If you’re choosing seated electric scooters for kids, keep height in mind. The younger the child the lower the seat should be so as to limit the distance he or she might fall if there’s an accident.

 A final note on scooter safety: When you buy electric scooters for kids, make sure to sit down with your child before giving them their present and go over some family safety rules. Depending on your neighborhood you may want your child to have a lock for their scooter or you may want to circumscribe the distance they are allowed to travel. Make sure you’re all on the same page from the beginning to avoid misunderstandings later. 

Electric Scooters for Kids – Features

Here are some features you want to make sure an electric scooter has before buying:

Good battery life

Most electric scooters on the market plug-in for charging. When shopping, look at the product information to make sure your child is going to get a decent amount of time riding per charge. Check reviews as well, as reviewers will often let you know whether the product information is accurate.


No matter which scooter you buy, make sure it is made out of durable material that can stand wear and tear. Scooters are outdoor toys and will be exposed to the elements, as well as to different terrains.

Check what kinds of wheels a perspective scooter has and make sure it can stand the environment you live in. Also, remember that you’re giving this scooter to a child. Even the most careful children can be somewhat rough on their toys.

Make sure you’re not buying a gift that won’t last longer than a week; make sure the materials the scooter is made of can stand being thrown around or bumped.

Five Great Electric Scooters for Kids

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

electric scooters for kids

When it comes to electric scooters for kids, Razor has definitely risen as a trendsetter known for quality and innovation.

You’ll notice there are two other Razor electric scooters on this list. That’s because by and large, their scooters have outperformed all the others on the market.

So Razor is a good place to start when looking for an electric scooter.

Why we consider E100 as one of the best options when it comes to electric scooters for kids!? E100 is the smallest scooter from Razor family, the maximum speed of Razor E100 is 10mph and the maximum rider weight is 120 pounds (54 kg), this is the main reason why this electric scooter is considered as the best scooter for the kids.

E100 stability is very good and its deck is pretty wide so that feet could adjust freely while riding. The glowing LED lights are not really up to safety regulation standards for riding during the night but are nice to have as well.


  • Color Options: Red, Blue, Pink, Sweet Pea
  • Age Range: 8+
  • Scooter Weight: 30.5 lbs
  • Rider Max Weight: 120 lbs
  • Highest Speed: 10 mph
  • Battery Charge Life: Up to 12 hours


  • Easy to learn
  • Easy 2 piece assembly
  • Hand operated front brake
  • Color variety
  • Twist Grip acceleration
  • LED lights


  • Non-adjustable handlebars
  • Not all terrain – better on smooth surfaces
  • Kickstart motor might be tricky for younger children

Bottom line: Though it says it’s for ages 8+ you may want to give this one to a child who’s a little older than 8, especially if your 8-year-old is on the smaller side, as the speed could be a little fast for the younger child and a smaller child.

And a smaller 8-year-old may have trouble getting the kickstart motor to engage. Outside of that, this is electric scooter is a consistent crowd pleaser and a good one to look into!

Maxtra E120 177lbs Max Weight Capacity Electric Scooter


Not all children like standing scooters, or like standing all the time. The Maxtra E120 addresses these preferences with a portable scooter that allows for sitting.


  • Color Options: Pink
  • Age Range: 6-14
  • Scooter Weight: 30 lbs
  • Rider Max Weight: 177 lbs
  • Highest Speed: 12-14 mph
  • Battery Charge Life: 1 hour of continuous use


  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • Twist grip acceleration
  • Hand-operated brake system
  • Quick folding system for transport
  • Durable, waterproof materials


  • Short battery life
  • One color option
  • Not all-terrain

Bottom line: This is a nice beginner seater scooter for older girls–boys might be turned off by the color. Luckily Maxtra has similar models in red and black if the color is the only concern. Younger riders may have trouble with its speed and weight.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Safe Start 3-Wheel Electric Scooter

electric scooters for kids

While the previous two electric scooters for kids were geared to older riders, this one is perfect for young beginner riders!


  • Color Options: Teenage Mutant Ninja print and colors (mix of green, yellow and purple)
  • Age Range: 36 mo – 5 yrs
  • Scooter Weight: 12.3  lbs
  • Rider Max Weight: Unavailable
  • Highest Speed: 1.75 mph
  • Battery Charge Life:  Unavailable


  • Start push button
  • 3 wheel stability
  • Wide, low deck


  • Short battery life reported

Bottom line: This is a phenomenal scooter for a toddler who wants to be just like his big brothers and sisters and cruise around the driveway on an electric scooter.

Though according to reports the charge doesn’t last long, at this age kids aren’t far from a charging outlet. Overall, safe, durable and easy for little bodies to navigate.

Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

Another seated scooter, this one from the popular Razor brand. This style follows a more moped look.

electric scooters for kids


  • Color Options: Light Blue
  • Age Range: 13 yrs
  • Scooter Weight: 62 lbs
  • Rider Max Weight: 170 lbs
  • Highest Speed: 15 mph
  • Battery Charge Life:  10 miles on full charge


  • Cute Euro-style design
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Easily goes up inclines
  • Working headlight
  • Sticker decals removable if desired


  • Need to have good sense of balance

Bottom line: This is a great moped-like electric scooter for kids. The design is a little more girly, but if you peel stickers off it should be fine for boys as well.

It does go relatively quickly for kids and requires some ability to balance, so you need to make sure your child can handle those two things before buying.

Razor Jr. Lil’ E Electric Scooter

Our final pick is another beginner electric scooter for younger kids. The Razor Jr. is a cute, easy to use version of their more adult scooters.



  • Color Options: Blue and Green, Pink and Purple
  • Age Range: 3+ yrs
  • Scooter Weight: 13.2 lbs
  • Rider Max Weight: 48 lbs
  • Highest Speed: 2 mph
  • Battery Charge Life:  40 minutes of continuous use on full charge


  • Start push button
  • 3 wheel stability
  • Wide, low deck
  • Easy two piece assembly
  • Easy to learn


  • Handlebars don’t adjust

Bottom line: Like the Ninja Turtle electric scooter, this scooter is a good choice for younger children. The largest difference between the first and this one is that this one is available in “girly” colors for the little girl who doesn’t want a Ninja Turtle themed scooter.

And there you have our top 5 picks of electric scooters for kids. They represent the two styles of scooters and the range of speeds and age ranges available on the market.

Didn’t see one that catches your fancy? Keep looking, all the while keeping in mind our safety recommendations, as those are what really make or break an electric scooter.