There are some major facts we need to consider when choosing the toys for 9 year old boys. When they reach 9 years, they can be very picky and the toy they like today, they may not like tomorrow. So, we must be very careful when we’re choosing toys for 9 year old boys.

Kids are awesome, but it is also important for you to keep them occupied every now and then (especially as you also need to rest and catch your breath regularly, or if you need to get something important done and you’ll very much like to not be disturbed).

Thankfully, we have toys to help with that.

Toys have always been a trusted past time that can be counted on to keep kids engaged and now thanks to foresight by a lot of manufacturing companies, a lot of toys are now being created that provide various benefits to children as well (building mental skills, helping develop sharp minds and skills, etc.).

To wit, let’s take a look at some of the best toys for 9 year old boys:

Jenga Classic Game

toys for 9 year old boysThis game follows the same rules as the classic Jenga past time that we all now. Essentially, you have to pull out a block without crashing the whole stack and put it on top of everything else. The structure continues to grow, and the first person to cause the whole thing to get demolished s the loser.

Jenga is as entertaining as it is fun; it sharpens your child’s mind and tests his engineering and building skills. This set includes 54 Jenga hardwood blocks, stacking sleeves, and complete instructions. The hardwood blocks are genuine, solid, and long-lasting.

This game is great because your kid can play it with his friends or with you and other members of the family. Playing Jenga game with the family can make your kid extremely happy because he is involved in something with grown-ups and he can actually beat you which will give him extra self-confidence and that can help your kid in later interaction with other kids.


Nerf-N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

toys for 9 year old boysThis Nerf gun is all shades of fun and excitement. It is a Strongarm blaster that is able to hold 6 darts and fires darts for distances up to 90 feet. With a Slam Fire Slide, your kid is able to perform rapid fire with all 6 elite darts, and it comes with a rotating barrel that flips open in order to provide easy and quick reloading.

Colors for this product also vary, so you can easily pick one that peaks your child’s fancy. The full pack usually comes with a blaster, 6 darts, and a full instructions manual.

We all know that our little boys want to grow up fast as possible and almost 80% of them when you ask them “what you want to be when you grow up?” will answer you a soldier. Boys are like that and you shouldn’t think that this toy is dangerous for him because that is only a part of his childhood when he wants to play with guns for kids and pretend that he is a soldier.

When we talk about toys for 9 year old boys, Nerf-N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster is one of the most popular toys for your boy.


The Monopoly Deal Card Game

Probably you remember those time when you were a kid and you played this popular game with your friends or family. This Monopoly game is similar but updated version of this popular game.

The Monopoly Deal Card Game is the card equivalent of the classic Monopoly game. With different sets of colors, you collect various sets of properties. Properties can be earned and swapped, and players are also charged rent.

It’s a lot of fun for the whole family, and your child can also enjoy it with 2 to 5 friends as well. A full set comes with 110 cards and a set of guiding instructions for the game.

This game is great if you want to develop your kid math skills and a sense of exchange and finance.


LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer

The LEGO Space Shuttle Explorer is one of the best toys for 9 year old boys without a shadow of a doubt. Thanks to it, your boy has the chance to build a fully lifelike replica of a space shuttle, complete with features like a satellite, a robotic arm, and opening payload bay, and much more.

He can also build it into a Space Rover with a drilling arm or a Moon Station with a very detailed interior. The Space Shuttle Explorer is over 3″ high, 10″ long, and 7″ wide.

The complete set comes with a miniature astronaut as well as a buildable space exploration pack. There are 285 pieces and your son can easily build it alone, or engage friends in the project as well.

This toy is great for developing many skills. Your kid brain will work in 100% mode and trust me he will not give up until he builds that space shuttle.



All of these toys for 9 year old boys are perfect because they encourage a variety of skills in your child that are essential to his development. Whatever toy you choose, trust us, you will not go wrong.