In this article, we will provide you all the info you need about the best puzzles for kids, you’ll find best products on the market with all the pros and cons…

Just like it’s very important to stimulate the good habits of your child and to teach him/her some good manners from an early age, it’s equally important for your precious one to develop some vital cognitive abilities such as the problem-solving skills, eye-hand coordination, and creativity. Ideally, your child should develop these skills as early as possible.

There are different ways and methods that you can use to teach him/her these abilities but, by far the most popular one (and the most convenient one as well) involves using puzzles for kids.

Indeed, puzzles for kids are an ideal option because not only that they are not expensive, they are also specifically targeted at young children, which means that you won’t really need to spend additional money to get a more traditional solution that could (very likely) end up being a wasted investment.

So, puzzles for kids have 2 different aspects attached to them. The first one involves the “fun factor”. It’s much easier to learn new things when you are playing a game and having fun. That is exactly what puzzles for kids aim to do – they are designed to teach your child some vital abilities but in a light-paced setting.

The second aspect involves the design itself. Each and every set of puzzles for kids is carefully crafted to stimulate a particular set of skills but without making your child bored and uninspired. It’s exactly the way these puzzles are designed that makes them “good” or “bad” in the end. The design also helps the product to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re a parent (and I believe you are since you are reading these lines right now) and if you’re looking to buy some puzzles for kids, you have two different options available. One is to visit some of your local retailers in order to see what they have to offer and the other one (the one that I also recommend) involves browsing through massive online assortments on websites such as Amazon.

As I said, the second method is far superior as, not only that you have plenty of different options available, you will also find puzzles for kids being listed for very reachable prices and, on top of that, you’ll also be able to see a quick user feedback as well. So, global shopping is definitely the way to go.

This guide is written to help you out with your purchase and I have compiled a small list of 10 best puzzles for kids that you should go for in 2018.

The criteria that I used was based on the product quality, design, price and user feedback as well. Keep in mind that, despite being great solutions, each of these 10 products has their own pros and cons so you need to carefully consider your own needs as well as the needs of your child before making the final purchase.

Also, keep in mind that I didn’t rank these 10 puzzles for kids from “best” to “worst” (or vice versa) as I think all of them are perfectly viable but, you are the one who makes the decision in the end. So, make sure to read everything properly before deciding to open your wallet.

Best Puzzles for Kids – Top Picks for 2018

Professions Puzzles “4-in-1” (Bookid Toys)

The first set of puzzles for kids on our list includes a small collection of professions activity books (as the name already implies).

These puzzles for kids are ideal to start off with as they are primarily aimed at toddlers (but the older children can use them just as successfully too) and there is a nice variety when it comes to puzzles themselves. There are 4 different sets of puzzles here and they all have different difficulties attached to them.

Speaking of the design, it’s very important to note that these puzzles for kids don’t use any (potentially) toxic materials so, rest assured that your child will be perfectly safe while handling them.

The pieces are firm and surprisingly big so, they are unlikely to get lost (or swallowed). The colors are also rich and varied, you can really feel the passion of the creators in almost every inch of these puzzles.

If you wish to buy your child some puzzles for kids, this is a very good solution to start off with. These puzzles have everything to make your child’s brain entertained yet stimulated at the same time.

The variety in challenge and colors, in general, just makes the whole impression even better. If you decide to buy this set of puzzles for kids, you won’t make a mistake.

  • These puzzles for kids are a logical first choice for your child as the main focus here are toddlers. But they can be used by older kids with just as much success as well.
  • A great design and a variety of challenges.
  • These puzzles for kids don’t use any toxic materials in their production so they are perfectly safe from a health standpoint.
  • The price is very reachable.
  • Even though the variety of challenges is a good thing, some of them might appear to be too difficult for some children (especially the young toddlers who are supposed to be playing around with these puzzles for kids in the first place).
  • The pieces themselves are big and heavy so your child may have some issues while handling them.

Magplayer 3D Magnetic Educational STEM Blocks

I did say that I am not going to rank the 10 best puzzles for kids that made it to this list but, I have to be honest, if I would rank them based on their title alone, this one would probably end up on the very first spot.

Even though the full name of this product on Amazon is even more “exotic”, it’s definitely a great product and it deserves to find its spot here. People from Everlasting did a really good job here.

These puzzles for kids are, maybe, not as convenient as some of the more traditional models but their innovative design as well as the fact that they stimulate children’s creativity on a whole new level both make up for that really well.

There are 62 different pieces bundled in the final package and they can be used to teach your child how to build things, how to recognize objects and even how to differentiate between different colors as well.

They are also great in teaching your child the problem-solving skills, coordination skills, practical skills, creative skills and, lastly, even the teamwork skills as well.

Another great thing about these magnetic blocks is that they also don’t use any toxic materials whatsoever and the design of the pieces is both sleek and smooth, without any sharp edges that could potentially harm your kid.

The magnets themselves are really strong as well so your child should have no issues building different things by using these puzzles for kids.

The price of these puzzles for kids is a bit on the high side so, if you wish to save your money, you may want to reconsider your options.

Overall, this is a really great product that can definitely help your child develop a whole range of vital skills. And, even more so, it does the whole job in a new, different and creative way as well.

  • These puzzle for kids have a very innovative design that develops a whole range of different cognitive skills including the teamwork skill that the other (more convenient) puzzles for kids lack.
  • This product can be used for both toddlers and older kids with equal success (and passion).
  • There are no toxic materials used in the production of these puzzles for kids either.
  • As these puzzles for kids are not as convenient as the other ones, there is a higher learning curve and that may be a “deal-breaker” for some children.
  • The price is not as reachable

Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle (Melissa & Doug)

Melissa & Doug is a well-known name in this market and, if you just type that into the search box, you will see plenty of their products being listed in various different shops. They have plenty of different puzzles for kids in their assortment but the one that definitely caught my attention when it comes to both the visuals and the design itself is this beautiful Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle.

It’s enough to take a look at the picture of the complete puzzle in order to completely fall in love with it. There are more similar puzzles for kids from this particular manufacturer but the whole theme of this one is what really settles the score.

When you think of “puzzles for kids”, the first thing that jumps into your mind is likely a jigsaw puzzle. And, indeed, this particular product is all that good jigsaw puzzles should be about.

It has a certain degree of complexity that will definitely challenge your child but, it will also be very rewarding when the puzzle is finally assembled at the end. The surface is very easily cleaned and the puzzles themselves (48 of them in total) are made out of top-quality materials.

If you want to buy a good jigsaw puzzle that has an exceptional artwork, good quality and, lastly, a jigsaw puzzle that comes with a very reachable price and without age restrictions as well, look no forward.

This product from Melissa & Doug has everything to keep your child occupied, entertained and mentally stimulated at the same time.

  • Stunning visuals that are hardly matched by other similar products.
  • This set of puzzles for kids has a very reachable price and it’s very cost-effective as well.
  • These puzzles for kids are very easily maintained and the surface can be cleaned regularly and without any (real) effort.
  • Puzzles for kids such as this one can be used to entertain and educate children at the same time very effectively.
  • Probably the biggest downside is the lack of variety. For $12.99 you only get one particular piece of puzzles for kids and only one theme. After assembling the whole picture for the first time, your child may easily lose interest in it and, in that case, you will have to spend additional money on new puzzles.
  • The image on the box appears to be a bit obscure and it’s not scaled ideally so assembling the whole puzzle can end being a bigger challenge than it should be.
  • If your child doesn’t like the theme itself (underwater ambiance and fishies swimming around), he/she will probably lose the interest in these puzzles for kids very quickly.

USA Map Floor Puzzle (Melissa & Doug)

Yet another set of puzzles for kids from Melissa & Doug made it to our list. While the basic concepts are identical to the ones that we saw in Underwater Ocean Puzzle, this is definitely a different product.

As the name suggests, the main theme of this puzzle is a map of USA. So, not only that this particular piece of puzzles for kids is meant to develop strong cognitive skills in your child, it’s also meant to offer some free Geography classes as well.

I personally never saw this kind of theme being used for similar purposes so I definitely have to give credit to Melissa & Doug for creating a really good mix of uniqueness and quality with this product.

Just like most of their puzzles for kids, this one is also very easy to maintain and, thanks to its extra-thick design, you can store it just as easily as well since it doesn’t consume too much space.

Compared to Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle, this one has 3 additional pieces (51 in total) but the challenge is almost identical and the price is also identical as well.

There is one advantage that I see in this particular product, however. The artwork is really bright and colorful so it may spark an interest in your child much more easily.

In case you want a jigsaw puzzle of great quality and a jigsaw puzzle that can be used to make your child learn the capitals of all 50 American states in a new and original way, this is definitely the product that should be considered.

There’s not a whole lot of puzzles for kids on the market that are able to combine so many different elements into one single product that has the word “quality” written all over it.

  • Unlike many other puzzles for kids, this one really raises the bar for “education” as, not only that it will have a positive impact on the problem-solving abilities of your child, it will also teach your youngster some basic Geography as well.
  • The artwork of this product is both unique and very colorful at the same time. A combination like this is very likely to make your child satisfied with his/her new puzzles for kids.
  • The price is (once again) very reachable, especially for this kind of quality.
  • Just like the other puzzles for kids produced by Melissa & Doug, this one is also very easy to clean and even easier to store as it consumes minimal space in your room.
  • Just like Underwater Ocean Puzzle, these puzzles for kids suffer from the exact same issue – a lack of variety. Your child will likely be interested to assemble the whole image for the first time but, once that is done, he/she may end up losing every bit of interest to stick with it in the long run. You can buy both of these puzzles as well but that’s only a partial solution to this problem.
  • Even though I praised the fact that this particular set of puzzles for kids offers a great way to teach your child some basic Geography lesions, the problem arises if you’re not living in the USA. In that case, it may be much more worthwhile (at least in the beginning) if you could teach your precious one the names of the European capitals and/or countries first (in case you come from Europe in this case, that is). While this kind of education will certainly be beneficial in either case, if you’re a non-US resident, it’s logical to decide to go for other puzzles for kids instead.
  • Unlike the previous entries on our list, these puzzles for kids are made for children who are at least 6 years old so they are not really a viable choice for every child.

Self-Correcting Spelling Puzzle (Star Right)

I have to admit, just by looking at this piece of puzzles for kids, I realized that I may have overestimated the term “creativity” when I used it to describe some of the previous entries on our list. While some of them definitely deserve the credit for that, this Self-Correcting Spelling Puzzle made by Star Right is, basically, the definition of creativity…in practice, that is.

Unlike most other (traditional) puzzles for kids that require the child to use his/her cognitive skills to assemble the puzzle based on a given image, this one goes one step forward.

Each of the puzzles that are packed within this bundle represents a certain 3-letter word and/or a 4-letter word. While the challenge of assembling these puzzles is lower than the one we typically find in most puzzles for kids, these pieces have one additional purpose – they will teach your child some basic words right there and then.

These puzzles also contain tiny pictures above the mentioned words so the child will be able to quickly associate the given terms with the images that come up with them. This is a great way to teach your child some very basic vocabulary without having to spend additional money for that same purposes.

The box contains 26 puzzle frames in total (13 x 3-letter puzzle frames and 13 x 4-letter puzzle frames) + one bonus frame as a reward.

Each of the puzzles has only one appropriate match so, as I said, your child won’t have a hard time to assemble the pieces together but he/she will be able to learn new words in a fun and creative way and while having fun at the same time.

The price is extremely reachable as well and, for that money, you will hardly find a better offer.

If I would have to buy some puzzles for kids right now, these ones would definitely be on the list.

  • Instead of spending additional money on different vocabularies, you can easily use these puzzles for kids to get your child familiar with some basic words (and concepts).
  • The product is very cost-effective and you get plenty of content for a really low price.
  • This is one of those puzzles for kids that mixes education with entertainment perfectly.
  • Even though the accent of these puzzles for kids is definitely not focused on the challenge itself, the difficulty is really low – even for a very basic set of puzzles.
  • The material itself is, sadly, not the best one and the puzzles themselves are very prone to breaking.

Wooden Tetris Puzzle (SainSmart Jr.)

If the previous set of puzzles for kids was all about creativity, uniqueness is certainly something that defines this one. When I say “puzzles for kids”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t have Tetris in my mind. Technically, Tetris IS all about “puzzles” but it’s not something that one would typically associate puzzles for kids with.

Yet, here we have it – these puzzles for kids are designed not only to stimulate different mental skills of your child but also to train his/her mind and to develop a strong sense for logical thinking.

Just like the classic Tetris video game, this puzzle contains all the notable shapes from the cult franchise and they come in several different colors – ┬áblack, purple, green, red, yellow, blue, orange and brown.

Even though these puzzles for kids don’t have any levels that increase with difficulty and hi-score tables, you can rest assured that your child will be occupied for a very long time.

Not only that puzzles for kids like this one are beneficial for all cognitive skills in general, they will also improve your child’s IQ, color perception, as well as the overall focus too.

As a small bonus, I dare to say that, even though this is a product made for children in the first place, these puzzles for kids can easily be used by older people as well.

They can also be useful for the elderly, in particular, as they effectively help these people to keep their brains active and to train them properly.

So, for just $10 (roughly) you get much more than just a simple package of puzzles for kids, that’s something that has to be considered as well.

To sum it up shortly, you won’t make a mistake if you decide to buy these puzzles for kids. Even if your child doesn’t get familiar with them at first, they can still prove to be effective in the long run. Just give it some time and don’t rush it, that’s what I can recommend here.

  • These puzzles for kids are some of the most unique ones on the market and, not only that they stimulate all the vital mental and cognitive abilities, they can be used to train and develop children’s logical thinking and even the IQ as well.
  • Despite having a somewhat abstract background, these puzzles for kids are very “user-friendly” which basically means that your child will be able to pick them up and play around with them relatively quickly.
  • For such a unique product, the price is extremely low.
  • Other than children, these puzzles for kids can be used by older people as well and for the exact same purposes.
  • Whereas it’s easy to get into these puzzles even if we are speaking of toddlers, the very concept itself can easily turn some children away.
  • The pieces are very small and they can easily get lost.
  • Ideally, this is not the first type of puzzles for kids that you should give to your child.

Personalized Wooden Child’s Name Puzzle Stool

This is definitely not something that you can call a “conventional” set of puzzles for kids. But, even despite that, the product stands out in its own right and it offers an exceptional quality for just how simple it really is.

If you ever wanted to make your child feel truly special while also having a unique and creative toy to play with, this might be your best bet. Before buying this product, you can (and should) choose what name to be engraved inside this wooden construction (of course, you should choose the name of your child) before making the final order.

The end result is a colorful puzzle stool that allows your child to learn some letters, differentiate between different colors and even play around with the letters themselves – all that by using the letters of his/her own name.

The product definitely lacks some functionalities that the more traditional puzzles for kids all posses but, even if we discount all that, it’s still a perfect gift that you should absolutely buy if you’re able to afford it.

Now, this part is written on purpose as….compared to other puzzles for kids that made it to this list, this one is really, really expensive. But, if you want a gift that your child will (likely) remember for a lifetime, by all means, go for it.

By the way, did I mention that the stool is entirely hand-made and that it’s completely free of any toxic substances? Yep, that’s true. Make sure to take that into account when deciding what to buy.

  • This is one of the best gifts that you can buy for your child…ever. Period. Nope, I am not exaggerating here.
  • The product is completely hand-made and it doesn’t contain any materials that could cause harm to your child.
  • The quality of this stool is truly one of a kind.
  • Even though this product is truly great and unique, the price is really high and it’s completely understandable if this turns out to be a “deal-breaker” for some people.
  • Despite looking great, it misses some vital functionalities that the other (more traditional) puzzles for kids all have.

Wooden Building Blocks (XNTBX)

When I first stumbled upon this set of puzzles for kids, I was a bit confused, I have to admit. This is not really the type of product that you can call “self-explanatory”. But, once you actually get into it and once you realize what truly lies beneath, you will quickly realize what kind of puzzles these Wooden Building Blocks really are. It’s just like that delicious candy that people judge based on the package they don’t really understand (or at least that’s what the first impressions are).

Sure, it’s better when you buy a candy and you can immediately feel that you will absolutely love the way it tastes because of the handy visuals and/or because the product description is so “viral”. But, in some cases, the experience is much more rewarding when you don’t have any expectations beforehand and when you spontaneously find the right degree of enjoyment upon unboxing the whole package.

These words describe this particular piece of puzzles for kids perfectly. These Wooden Building Blocks may look distinct when you first look at them but, you will quickly get to realize what kind of creative endeavors your child will be capable of in case (both of) you decide to stick to this product.

The bundle contains 12 different animals and all of them have different colors and shapes. The key point here is that these animals don’t really like “traditional” animals and, unlike the traditional puzzles for kids, you don’t get any picture (or another similar image) that indicates what exactly is the challenge here and what should your child do in order to assemble the pieces.

And now we came to the very point of this product. Your child is free to determine what he/she wants to do with these pieces and the possibilities are countless. You can use these pieces to teach your young one how to differentiate between different colors, how to differentiate between different animals and, it’s the two of you that decide what kind of puzzle should be assembled with these pieces.

Not only that children will develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills, this is a good first step to teach them how to be independent and to bring their own decisions as well.

The whole design of these puzzles for kids is really well done, all of the pieces feel unique and they are designed by using only the natural high-quality beech. So, there are no artificial and (potentially) toxic materials here whatsoever.

At the same time, the design of these puzzles for kids is very sleek as well and there are no sharp edges that could potentially cause injuries either.

The price itself is a bit higher than the price of some of the previously described puzzles for kids, but it’s still very reachable and, definitely, you get what you pay for.

In short, if you want your child to practice and develop strong cognitive abilities and a certain degree of independence when it comes to problem-solving skills, these puzzles for kids are a very good option that should be considered by every parent who wants to give their child a quality gift.

  • These puzzles for kids have no pre-determined challenge that needs to be completed, it’s your child that ultimately chooses what he/she wants to do with the pieces. This stimulates the creativity in a completely new fashion.
  • These puzzles for kids are also great to develop a certain degree of independence when it comes to problem-solving abilities.
  • The product itself has a great mix of price and quality.
  • These puzzles for kids are not a good first choice for your child regardless of age itself as the child first needs to be familiar with the concept of solving the basic puzzles before moving to something more complicated.
  • The fact that the child uses his/her own imagination when handling these pieces can be stimulating but it can also (very likely) turn him/her away from this product as well.

Wooden Clock Jigsaw Puzzle (Shumee)

So, you decided to get your child some new puzzles for kids but you want a product that not only teaches the child all those important abilities that we listed before, you also want a product that can teach your child something else on top of that as well.

If that’s the kind of profile you’re looking for when buying puzzles for kids, you may want to give this Wooden Clock Jigsaw Puzzle a chance.

As the name implies, this set of puzzles for kids is a regular jigsaw puzzle….but, there is a twist! Not only that these puzzles for kids can give your child that assembling itch that all of us want to stimulate, they are also capable of teaching your offspring how to use the clock and determine the right time.

I mean, sure, you can always use the classic clock to achieve that but, chances are, the child is much more likely to learn that while having fun with these colorful puzzles for kids made by Shumee.

As the manufacturer also states, the design is very eco-friendly and much of the effort was put to develop ideal pieces that can be stimulating to both toddlers and older kids in general.

At the same time, the pieces themselves are very durable as well since they are made exclusively from high-quality materials.

These puzzles for kids should definitely be considered by every parent and, even despite some shortcomings, it’s much more likely that both you and your child will be satisfied at the end of the day.

  • These puzzles for kids are a great way to make your child entertained while also teaching him/her a whole range of different skills, including the ability to use the clock and tell the exact time.
  • The product is eco-friendly, durable and it’s designed from only the high-quality materials.
  • These puzzles for kids are ideal for both toddlers and children who are just about to start going to school.
  • Even despite all the positive aspects, there is an obvious lack of variety when it comes to these puzzles for kids so, you will probably have to buy (at least) one more similar product to compensate that.
  • The price is somewhat higher than it should be and it could be a problem if your budget is limited.

Wooden/Magnetic Puzzles for Kids (FLERISE)

puzzles for kids

And, for the very end, we may not have the most original set of puzzles for kids but, we certainly have one of the most inspiring puzzles for kids on the market. And that’s great, really.

Sometimes the product doesn’t need to be all that special, unique or ground-breaking. Sometimes the biggest strength lies in its simplicity.

This is something that applies to the last entry on our list as well. We already had puzzles for kids that had a strong focus on creativity, we also had puzzles for kids that were truly unique and amazing at the same time.

Yet, these particular puzzles for kids don’t bring anything new to the table. “Why are they on your list then?”, you may ask. Well, there’s only one true answer to that question – the mix of simplicity and functionality that these puzzles for kids have is exactly what I recommend them for.

The design of these puzzles is done in such a great way that, as soon as you open the package, you can tell that children will immediately want to examine the puzzles and play around with them.

Just like XNBTX Wooden Building Blocks, there’s no pre-determined image that needs to be assembled, it’s pure creativity of your child that dictates all the fun here (as well as the learning process too). Unlike those puzzles, Wooden/Magnetic Puzzles for Kids don’t use any abstract pieces so your young one will quickly be able to differentiate between all these shapes and colors.

He/she will also be able to combine the pieces and create truly unique portraits each and every time they play around with these puzzles.

Another thing that I have to mention is that these puzzles for kids are very easily stored as they are small and don’t take up a lot of space. That also implies that you need to take some extra care as well if you don’t want the whole set to get lost when you are, for example, doing some regular house works.

The magnetic board is pretty stable, though, but there is a certain risk for the whole package to just end up where you don’t want it to be.

But, other than that, since they are so easy to carry, you can also take these puzzles for kids along with you when you are going on a holiday with your child, for example.

It’s a very minimalistic product and, yet, it still has all the necessary qualities of exceptional children puzzles which, for me at least, really seals the deal here.

No matter how old your child is, you won’t make a mistake if you decide to buy these puzzles for kids.

The design of this product, as well as the whole functionality (+ the simplicity as well), will ensure that your offspring have a wonderful time every time he/she handles these pieces.

The fact that they can assemble a completely new image every time they handle these Wooden/Magnetic Puzzles for Kids from FLERISE will ensure both quality entertainment and quality education in the long run. Which is exactly what we want.

  • A great mix of simplicity and functionality is what sets these puzzles for kids apart from the other similar ones.
  • It’s certainly one of the best picks within this price range.
  • The puzzles are easy to carry when traveling and even easier to store.
  • The child can form different pictures every time they play around with these puzzles for kids.
  • If the whole package isn’t treated properly, you can easily lose it.
  • The learning curve is (often) a bit higher than expected.


We’ve reached the very end, ladies, and gentlemen. As you saw, all of these puzzles for kids on the list are great in their own way. All of them have their own pros but also their own cons as well.

There’s no perfect product in this world and there will never be. But, regardless of that, no matter which puzzles for kids you decide to buy (out of these 10, that is), you won’t make a mistake.

But, in order to make the best choice for your child, you certainly need to define your priorities and you also need to understand the needs of your child (or children, if you have more than one child) as well. You should also take your own budget into the account as well.

Only when all these things are properly determined, you will become able to buy the most appropriate set of puzzles for kids that will not only entertain your child but also educate him/her and help him/her develop the most essential cognitive, mental and coordination skills in the long run.

I truly hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!