You’ve done your research and you’ve bought your child the dream Barbie dollhouse she’d been begging for weeks. While many Barbie dollhouses come fully furnished, the one you bought was bare, or your daughter wasn’t in love with the style of furniture it came with.

You’re starting to panic… but don’t! We here at Kids Trends have your back and have you covered when it comes to all your Barbie dollhouse furniture needs.

Barbie Dollhouse Furniture – What You Need to Know

The Barbie company, Mattel, has been making dollhouses since the early 1960s, and over that period of time has developed more styles of furniture than you can shake a stick at, starting with their original Malibu Barbie dollhouse furniture made of cardboard!

Over the years, their furniture has become more sophisticated. Most Barbie dollhouse furniture is made of durable plastics or fabrics, generally keeping to the bright purple and pink company themes.

Today, you can pretty much find any piece of furniture your little girl might dream up, from footed bathtubs to window treatments to planters boxes that can attach to a dollhouse window.

And if Mattel hasn’t yet produced the very specific item your child wants to add to her Barbie dollhouse, there are many companies out there that probably have.

When looking outside of Barbie products for accessories that can be used with a Barbie doll, you just have to make sure that the product specifies that it works with dolls on a 12” scale, the general size of an adult Barbie doll. If your daughter’s Barbies are Skipper or Kelly dolls, you may be able to get slightly smaller Barbie Doll Furniture.

As for where to go shopping to find Barbie dollhouse furniture, we highly recommend shopping via Amazon. Having checked out the Barbie website, the pickings for Barbie dollhouse furniture are slim there. Amazon will have a much larger variety of furnishings for you to choose from. (We do recommend the Barbie Play website, however, which is chock-full of fun, age-appropriate games for your children.)

When looking to purchase Barbie dollhouse furniture, bear in mind the kinds of rooms your child’s dollhouse has, the style your child wants to have in their dollhouse and if any assembly is required.

If you’re unsure about the first two, have your child with you as you browse and turn the virtual shopping trip into a fun bonding activity! As for the last point, regarding assembly, most sets won’t need extensive assembly.

Still, make sure any required assembly is simple enough for your child to do by themselves, or for you to help them with.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: When looking for Barbie dollhouse furniture, bear in mind that some sets will come with small pieces. If your child is three years old or if there are young children in your home, you may want to consider another set, as these small pieces can present choking hazards.

Barbie Dollhouse Furniture Sets:

Now, let’s look at some fun Barbie dollhouse furniture so that you can get a feel for what’s available. We’ve looked for sets that can help you transform most rooms in your child’s dollhouse and covering a range of furniture needs. To make things easier, we go room by room and give two options per room of fun, adorable accessories, so you can easily comparison shop!

Trendy Barbie Dollhouse Furniture Sets for Each Room

Now it’s time that we go step by step and introduce best Barbie dollhouse furniture for each room. If you’re trying to find specific furniture set for your kid we have chosen the best one for you.

Barbie Dollhouse Furniture – Best Kitchen Sets

Barbie Size Dollhouse Furniture – Kitchen Set


What’s a kitchen without an oven, refrigerator or sink? If your Barbie dollhouse doesn’t yet have these basic appliances, have no fear! This set comes with all three, as well as pots, pans, and food.

There is some more detailed assembly required, but this set comes with directions. For a traditional kitchen, this is a great set.

Barbie Stovetop To Tabletop Deluxe Kitchen and Doll Set

barbie dollhouse furniture

While this set is smaller than the first kitchen featured here and comes with fewer accessories, it promises easier assembly and a Barbie doll.

This set is slightly more retro than the first, and it boasts a small refrigerator, oven, sink, and microwave. It also comes with additional accessories, including food items, some dishes, and a chair.

Barbie Dollhouse Furniture – Best Bedroom Sets

Barbie Doll and Bedroom Furniture Set


Like the last kitchen option, this easy to assemble set comes with a Barbie doll. It also comes with a bed, blanket and night table with a lamp.

Its color scheme is pink, black and white, so it should match most Barbie dollhouses’ decor. One thing it does not come with is a pillow.

Barbie Daybed Story Starter Slumber Party Playset


This bed doesn’t come with a doll, but it does have a pillow! It also comes with a cozy, floral-patterned blanket and slippers.

This is a great, easy to assemble piece of Barbie dollhouse furniture if you already have a doll and most of the bedroom furnishings and want to add an updated piece to the set.

Barbie Dollhouse Furniture – Best Bathroom Sets

Barbie Dream Bathroom Playset


What would civilization be without bathrooms? Barbie dolls need them too! If you Barbie dollhouse isn’t furnished, you’ll want to get a basic bathroom set.

This set comes with the basic essentials of toilet and sink, as well as some accessories like a towel, slippers, toothbrush and toothpaste. It’s a good starter set for a little girl, though it doesn’t come with a bathtub or shower.

Barbie Doll and Bathroom Furniture Set

barbie dollset furniture

This set has the shower, sink and even comes with a bathtime Barbie doll, though there isn’t a toilet.

The shower is a corner shower that should fit your dollhouse and leave room for a toilet should you want to get one.

Barbie Dollhouse Furniture – Best Dining Room Sets

Both of the sets below come with a table, two chairs, dinner place settings and a doll. They differ in style, however. The Glam Dining Room Furniture and Doll Set is a more elegant set, with daintier details.

The Mattel Barbie Doll and Dining Room Gift Set have a more “casual dining” feel. Both sets, however, are easy to assemble and come with enough accessories to entertain your child for a long time.

Barbie Glam Dining Room Furniture and Doll Set


This one is new Barbie Glam Furniture Collection with lots of features. This dining room has elegant details and classic look.

This set includes Barbie doll, furnitures and lots of accessories.

It’s for sure one of the best buy Barbie sets you can find.

Barbie Dollhouse Furniture – Best Living Room Sets

Barbie Living Room Furniture sets are getting harder and harder to find as time goes on. It is possible to find some older collectible options on Amazon, though those will be on the pricier side.

You can also find one piece at a time, such as a chair here and a coffee table there, though this is time-consuming. We did manage to find two living room sets though, and as a bonus, there is no assembly required for either!

Barbie Movie Night & Accessories Playset


This first set isn’t specifically a living room set, but it should work for most dollhouses.

The movie night set comes with two small, creative chairs, a television set, and entertainment table, as well as popcorn, a blanket and water bottle.

Definitely not a traditional living room set, but with imagination, it could work.

Barbie My House Basic Furniture – Barbie Glam Daybed


This is also not necessarily a living room set, however, it isn’t a living room set. This daybed is a little dated, but it does come with some modern accessories, such as a laptop and cell phone.

If your daughter isn’t picky, like the first living room set, this could work in a pinch!

And there you have two sets for each basic room found in a Barbie dollhouse. Use them to start your search for the perfect Barbie dollhouse furniture for your child’s dollhouse!

There are also great dollhouse kits which can help you to make boundaries with your kid so make sure to read our article about best dollhouse kits!