Baby sleeping bags are very important and everyone should have at least one. Why these sleeping bags for babies are so good to have you’ll find out in this article.

Several researches conducted, clearly states that overheating due to quilts and blankets may lead to SIDS. This risk can also be increased due to loose bedding. A baby sleeping bag provides safe alternative from the traditional bed covers which keeps baby comfortable and warm during nights. This baby bag could be used from the birth of the baby till 24 months of his age.

Baby Sleeping Bags – Necessary Equipment for Babies

New born babies cannot regulate the temperature of their body due to which they can wake up too cold or too hot during night or in early morning. It releases moisture and excess body heat when the temperature of the room rises and it circulates and captures warm air within the room when the temperature falls, providing an ideal microclimate.

Active babies usually wriggle out of their covers resulting in losing core body heat and making it harder  for the babies from entering deep sleep. However, babies cannot wriggle out of their sleeping bags.

Openings in the sleeping bag keeps the baby’s hands and head cool and free, helping in regulating their body temperature. Such baby sleeping bags alleviates the necessity for the bed covers, which is potentially hazardous for the baby.

This bag allows the baby to sleep and move naturally and safely, just like as it feels in his mother’s womb. They can be lifted up for a feed or a cuddle and then settled back to rest or sleep in the baby crib or cots without any disturbance.

There are many sizes and colorful designs available, so that one can choose the best and right one for her baby. A baby sleeping bag is good to use because:

1. It is easy to use. Such bags are available with or without sleeves. There are also snaps as well as many zipper styles options. Generally the zippers are much easy and convenient to use as there are zipper lock in the bags which does not irritate the babies chin and the baby cannot un-zip themselves during the night.

2.  The sleeping bag are made of different materials and can be used  year around. If a person wants to go for the best, then he can get a sleeping bag which is made of merino wool. These bags are very expensive but are really the best material for the application of the babies. Other options are for monitoring the TOG rate for the baby sleeping bag one gets. A person should use a TOG with less rating in summers and TOG with high rating in winters. This mainly depends on the climate and the place where a person lives or resides.

More importantly there are some very important guidelines that should be followed when buying a baby sleeping bag.

The first thing that requires attention is the tog rating of the product. This rating defines the warmth generated by the product. Choose one that suits your environment.

Another equally important thing is room temperature. Adjust the temperature from 16 to 20 degrees. Dress the baby according to the season. If the baby starts sweating or his/her body feels hot, readjust the temperature of the room. As a precaution measure, remember to cover up the baby crib with a sheet.